Sunday, February 24, 2008


I am so tired of being sick. I am tired of going to the Dr. I am tired of Strep throat. I am tired of rescheduling sessions because I wake up in the middle of the night with a throat burning like a fire. I am tired of walking into the office and having the nurses say, "Not again! You really need to get those tonsils out!" It is knocking me out for at least 4 days at a time.

I do, however, like the raspy voice. I bet I could sing just like Janis Joplin if I wanted to.

"Take it, take another little piece of my heart now baby!"

Humor, that must be a good sign!


Caitlin Domanico said...

Oh no Erin, I'm so sorry to hear this. Get better!!

I like having a raspy voice too:)

Dejah Quinn said...

I hope you are feeling better real soon!!!!

Caitlin Domanico Photography said...

I got my book today!!!!!


I got my books in too. Kind of disappointed in what they did with some of my pictures. They are cropped all funny! So sad.

Hey Dejah, I am feeling way better! SPRING IS HERE!! WOO HOO!