Thursday, April 24, 2008


My youngest, Chloe, yells this every time Eirinn and her family pull up. This is the type of family that you really want to have as clients. They love your work, they treat you great, they show up on time :), and they come back multiple times throughout the year! Let's not forget their kids are adorable. Woo hoo! YAY ME!

Here are a few of her mother pregnant. Remember, this is her fifth child... if only we could all look this good.

And here is pretty little Eirinn...

Eirinn's Daddy is a firefighter so we had to get a few with Eirinn in his gear. I would like to say all these images where I put babies in compromising positions were easy, but I have to admit, each set takes about an hour.

Today is a GORGEOUS Michigan spring day. A great day for a trail ride. Time to saddle up Mr. Handsome Ransom and go for a leisurely ride.

Talk soon and have a great day!

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Roosterruler said...

Definitly loving these shots. And all of a work. I have been a fan of your photography since I was 15 or so years old and still come back to check up on what you do and give myself something to work towards. I love that you include your faith in your work, that is also really encouraging to me.