Friday, August 01, 2008

Bella Artistry

Bella Artistry is the brainchild of Leah Miller - a very cool client of mine and a frustrated shopper, mother of two and (at the time of creation) a professional athlete's wife.

When she found there was nothing truly SUPER FLY for kids and wives of Pro Athletes to wear in support of their fathers'/ husbands' / boyfriends' / sons'/ brothers' teams,' Leah took it upon herself to create a line of hip and un-corny clothes to wear in support of her husband and his team. She began beautifying the clothing and shoes that she and her daughter would wear to games (or anywhere else they went).

One thing led to another, and eventually, she was embellishing anything and everything she could get her hands on: clothes, jerseys, shoes, belts, furniture, cake plates, candles, mirrors, pill boxes, picture frames, scrap books, pacifiers, pacifier clips, hats, you name.

The sparkle from all that Swarovski must have spotlighted her work, because other hipster kids and fashionista moms, tired of run-of-the-mill sports apparel worm by every Tom, Dick and Mary, followed the light - and BELLA ARTISTY was born.
Every piece, whether it's your jersey, hat, jeans, shirt or shoes, is custom-made, one stone at a time. Now you'll never look like just another fan in the stands!

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