Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ellie and Madeliene

I wanted to share these images. They just tug at my heart...

Ellie is a gorgeous 18.2 Strawberry Roan Clydesdale Mare. Some of you saw her when you were at my house in the spring. She is a gentle giant. I love to just lay on her and hug her and feel her sweetness.

We went out to her new farm to get a few pictures I wanted. Her mom did this for me and I am so thankful, they are images I wanted to capture from the beginning. Don't worry, Ellie is very, very careful with her feet.

Ellie loves children if you can't tell.

I thought this was funny as well. Ellie was just exhausted, modeling is not as easy as it looks!

"There is nothing better for the inside of a person, than the outside of a horse!" Roy Rogers


Lori Motl said...

These pictures are amazing. I love the first one. There is such gentleness in it!


Thank you Lori, I loved Ellie so much. And you pegged her, a gentle giant. Poor Ellie colicked a few weeks ago and her stomach twisted. She unfortunately didn't make it. We are all very sad and her poor family is devastated. Ellie will be greatly missed. I appreciate your comments.

Skellyton Art said...

Absolutely Beautiful! You just broke my heart. You are a very talented photographer!

Nicholson Photography said...

Ooh...I really like the composition and perspective of the 2nd one.

Courteney Miller said... beautiful! I love the gentleness of these images!