Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kids with Special Needs

This is Sarah. I should say Delightful Sarah with the beautiful eyes and hair. I can't forget her contagious laugh and smile. And her love of ponies. Sarah could have looked at the pictures on my iPhone for hours. Scrolling through all the pictures of my ponies.

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of children with special needs. I love to be surrounded by them. Even if it is just to bask in their presence. It makes me feel special and well, I feel honored to meet these kids.

My friend Karen went with me to photograph Sarah and her family. What an amazing visit. Sarah's Mom favors black and white photography, but I had to show the color of Sarah's eyes and hair.

To all parents of children with Special needs, please give me a call. I know it isn't always easy to find a photographer who will be able to capture the true essence of your child. Special discounts apply on session fees and print prices.

Pony rides included!


Jane Photo said...

Oh, she is sweet indeed, and so cute. Her parents are lucky to have found you.

The Balcom Family said...

Hi Erin, I just sent you an e-mail but wanted to let you know how much it means to me that you love special needs kids and their families. The fact that you know how and WANT to photograph them (and include pony rides!!!) melts my heart and makes me so thankful our world has people like you.