Sunday, March 27, 2011

This and that . . . .

I have not updated my website in 4 years.  I actually purchased a new template for my website two years ago.  I haven't touched it in over a year.  But I am planning on sitting down and really getting it up there soon.  :)   I need to show all my work from the last four years and all the beautiful new faces of Footprints ®. 
Having said that, I am going to show you an ad.  It is actually an ad that I have been designed about 2 years ago, but have been building on year to year.  It was recently printed in a program for a benefit I attended last night supporting Angels of Hope.  I donate my time and talent to their families and allow the foundation to use my images to promote the awesome work they do with these families.

Angels of Hope is a family cancer foundation.  They provide financial assistance to families effected by childhood cancer, and well, for children effected by cancer at all.  They are the only all volunteer based non-profit in Michigan, other than The American Child Photographers Charity Guild.

That's all for now.  Have a great week!  Soon I will be announcing the April specials here at Footprints ® and telling you about a new endeavor. 

Talk soon!


Lauren Murtha said...

Hi Erin! I love your site! Where did you get your current template? And do you use a specific photo hosting site for design/hosting??

You are truly an inspiration! Love your work! Can't wait to see what your new site will look like!


Tanya Ndip said...

I also agree, you are an inspiration. I stumbled upon your site through Delicious and once I realized it had not been updated since 2009 I said a little prayer that you were well and found you again!

Please keep it up. I just started out with my first maternity session a month ago and well now I'm being asked to do babies, families and more.
Good to know you are still shedding some light to those around you.