Wednesday, October 03, 2007


All I can say is, I love kids, I have a blast photographing them.

This is Bryce. His mother is our trainer (yes,horses again!) He complained the entire time I was photographing him while he was obviously loving it. He is so cute and such a ham. He loved the attention and it was obvious! Photographing boys his age doesn't happen often. I read once that 12 year old boys are the least photographed people. I understand they complain a lot, but it is such a GREAT age, they have so much to say and it is all so innocent still!

Here is Bryce, he's the man!

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Schmiss said...

Was searching photography and came upon your site - which brought me here. Just wanted to send a little note of thanks for the work you do. True gift from Him who gives them. I can only hope to capture life in an image half as well as you do. Best wishes for continued success!