Tuesday, October 16, 2007


To say that kids love me is an understatement. I am a Kid Magnet. They swarm around me and it has been this way as long as I can remember. My wonderful Mother used to say that I was "Maternal from Birth". My neighbors used to call me the "Pied Piper of Children" and my clients have often called me "The Baby Whisperer". I find all of this very endearing, I get all filled up with the warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

When you love them, they know it, they feel it and they respond to it.

That said, I want to introduce some kids who just adore me. The feeling is completely mutual.

How do you get an 18 month old to pose like this? Well little Miss "S" is very shy, but not with me! I love her and she knows it! We had a blast! I asked her to sit up and she said, "NO! I want to sit down!" and flopped herself back giggling with joy.

Can you believe these boys? They are the sweetest little guys.

Little man "H" shown below drew a picture of me. His mom asked what was hanging out of my mouth and "H" said, "A worm". His Mom asked why there was a worm hanging out of Erin's mouth and "H" replied, "Erin likes worms!" all matter of fact. Maybe in my garden, or when fishing, but sorry "H", Miss Erin doesn't eat them!

This is big man "G" imitating me! Gotta love it!

And yes, she is pregnant with her fourth and still looks that good! Amazing isn't it? Dad is just as good looking and does very well in front of the camera. I have so much fun with this family and I just adore them.

In two weeks I will be photographing the new baby, I was hoping for another girl, but I am totally getting the BOY vibes. Stay tuned!


Amy Hall said...

Your work is amazing! I'm a photog in Wisconsin and I love your b&W, would you be willing to share what you use for b&W's. What action? Thanks so much and I look forward to checking back and viewing more of your work!

Stueller said...

Your b&w's are very fresh looking, I think it works really well here. Beautiful work!

D.Lauren said...

Another one here that LOVES your b/w. Very light and airy. Beautiful work.


Thank you!
If I could figure this out I would email you all.