Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dog portraits.... I think I am in love! [ Ann Arbor Photographer ]

Meet 11 week old Marla. Who can resist a Boston Terrier puppy? Not me! This session was so fun and inspiring to me that I think every summer I am going have a weekend devoted to my clients Dogs. Maybe some Cool Cats too.

And my absolutel favorite! How Sweet is she?

Marla's Mom and Dad were recently married and she is their only child. She came running out full of love one day while I was photographing a client near her Daddy's work. I had to offer up a session and he happily obliged. Thank you John for allowing me some fun time. I really needed it.
Have a great day!!


Courteney Miller said...

Hi...this is my first time seeing your blog and commenting...just wanted to say hi and this little pooch is absolutely adorable! I love the name of your photography business!

just someone said...

I have been a fan of yr work for quite some time..Its lovely..Its inspiring..its captivating.

Angela Lind.LMT said...

You are AMAZING! My frustrated dream is to haven't become a photographer and take amazing pictures like yours! congratulations! wish you would live in florida and have a shoot with you.. :0(

Angela Lind.LMT said...

You are AMAZING... My imagination fly away looking at your pictures. My frustrated dream is not be able to became a photographer.. hope someday I have the time to learn about it, at least as a hobby!
So sad you don't live in florida!

nattyjphotography said...

I had to look twice, I thought she was a toy dog, I adore pet photography and do a lot of it myself, but your work is stunning!