Friday, January 01, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! [ Michigan Child Photographer ]

I admit that I am the worst blogger there is. I apologize. My life is anything but simple with the girls, the horses, the business and every other thing that goes on.

This year has been a good one. Other than my poor husband falling 12 feet off a ladder while trimming trees for me. He shattered his calcaneus (heel bone) went through surgery to have 8 screws of various sizes and wire to pull in all the little pieces installed. His surgeon walked out and said to me shaking his head, "That was a bitch". He was in a wheel chair for about 3 months and is walking now months earlier than they had originally anticipated.

I have had several new clients this year whose families I fell in love with. Many clients who return every year who I already feel close to. I love watching their children and the size of their families grow. I really do feel special in my role of documenting their lives. Thank you all for allowing me this pleasure.

My charity is still going strong. This is so bitter sweet. I am very proud of what we do, however, I wish there wasn't such a need for our services. One of my favorite pics is below, this is Evan and his family. Evan passed away on November 27, 2009 at the age of 7. I felt an immediate connection with is family. I think about them daily and I am so thankful for having gotten to know them. And blessed to have met and experienced the grace of Evan. Please follow this link to view a video about the work that Evan's dad does at this address.... it is quite amazing and you be forever touched.....

I still look forward to getting up every morning and taking care of the horses. I can't imagine a life without them and I never want to. Regardless of what anyone who doesn't understand these animals think, I do get back from them as much as I give. In a way I feel saved from a life of only working. They have forced me to take more time out for my kids. In turn teaching my kids responsibility and pride.

We have a new addition to our herd.... above is Princess Spumoni. You may chuckle when seeing the royal title, however, when meeting her and getting to know her personality, you realize, she really has crowned herself. Spumoni belongs to my good friends, Jill and her daughter Paige. She fits right in and is well loved by everyone in the herd. She is quite fond of all the boys, if you get my drift. She and Tinkerbell are good friends, I can tell Tink likes having another mare around.

I had a blast decorating my house this year. Finally I put up garland surrouding the wrap around porch. If I had my choice, I would have put it up surrounding the pastures as well. Red bows as well. My girls chose the picture at the top of this post for our Christmas card, I love it and it shows the joy we have every day living on this horse farm. It really is amazing. Below I will close with a few pics from our Christmas card session. The girls were having a blast. One day I have to get the older three involved. It sure would be nice to have a picture of all five on the front... hint, hint, to my 3 oldest children.
The best news of all this year is about my oldest son Jimmy, I am so proud of him. Jimmy has graduated from Michigan State University's College of Engineering with a degree in Computer Science. He did amazing in school as to be expected from such a brilliant kid. He has some big decisions to make regarding his future, due to all his successes. I can't begin to tell you the pride we feel for him. He has always been a hard worker. He doesn't take anything for granted and has always had so much gratitude. I am really proud of the man he has grown into. My big goal for the summer is to throw the most amazing graduation party for him. Celebrating Jimmy. I can't wait. Congratulations Jimmy! We love you!
I hope and pray your family is blessed abundantly in 2010, from my home to yours . . . .


Deb said...

I've missed seeing your posts! I'm a SAHM in VA and somehow stumbled upon your blog and love to check in. Beautiful family and as always, beautiful pictures! Happy 2010!

Rodney Horne Photography said...

Hi, I love your photography and think your charity work is great. It inspires me to do something similar in my area.

Rodney Horne Photography